The Premier Medical Examiner Suite  

Securely connect your network of Investigators, Doctors, Scientists, and Administrators into ONE unified system.

Manage caseloads with next-step Dockets. Stay in front of Toxicology, HistologyReports, Body Location Storage, Investigations, and Days cases have been open.

The Best Modern Technology
For Towns, Counties, & Cities
 A cloud system that tracks and connects all who need to know, when they need to know.

Make your budget go further. With the crucial demands in remote work, time management, and task allocation; most industries have been spun upside down.

The Medical Examiner Office now has better tools to adapt. Tools to help with: forecasting, reports, proper equipment usage, body bag supply cost analysis, and docket automation. These solutions can take away the logistical headaches so that your team can focus on performing step-by-step.

Connect Digitally. Track Details. Manage with Ease.

Great pieces of software can do wonders on business performance. Tracking data and communicating the right job tasks to the correct people is logistics. We feel that logistics can be simplified with computer aided solutions. So we leverage customer feedback on what job tasks could be amplified from the use of computers.

If you have a solution, feature, or modification. Please let us know, because our customers know their industries the best. We just professionally develop software.

Graduate efficiency with an elite forensic management platform.

Report & Budget Pro

Maximize Team Resources. 

Forecast the best use of budgets with the Coroner Pro Reporting tool.  Review supplier prices and plan for equipment upgrades.  With the right data and persistence, your workplace can streamline efficiently and cost effectively.

Intuitive Systems  |  Better Operations  |  Happier Teams

Manage Case by Case


Input and Track Accurate Data

Certifying Scientist

Digital Docket Approach 

For responsible scalability and high level security.

Platform Features

Coroner Pro – Forensic Case Management System
Features that rise above and beyond the competition

Automated BAckups

Every night your system automatically backs up the database, image files, dockets, tasks, users actions and logs.  

Secure Integration

Our Federal verified for security, development team, protects your site with advanced firewall technology. 

Analytics and Forecasting

Capture data points to assist with forecasting. Work with more accurate budgets and build cases from analytics. 

System Updates

Our system is not stagnate and our team is continually working towards adding features within budgets. We will notify you when new functionality is available and how to go about updating.

Inform the team on necessary precautions.
Take warning and handle cases with proper PPE.
One PLatform
  • Smart Autopsies
  • Sample Shipping & Tracking
  • Coordinate Teams and Member Assignments
  • Monitor Investigation Status
  • Budget and Quarterly Reports
  • Death Certificate Wizard
Multiple Departments
  • Toxicology
  • Histology
  • Intake
  • Doctors
  • Storage Locations
  • Admin and Management
Coroner Pro can easily handle 10,000 cases a MONTH!

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       KEvadiya built and trusted

    Coroner Pro is built and maintained by Kevadiya Inc. a verified and secure establishment. Kevadiya has a long history of Federal accomplishments within the transportation industry. Trusted and cyber-secure for over a decade, the team has launched and implemented IT solutions in over 150 government locations.    

        AMAZON AWS synchronization

    Kevadiya has migrated 100’s of platforms to AWS. Their data centers are highly secure and hidden as possible. Logically this highly secure solution is trusted for data-redundancies and cyber protection. Our team understands the fluidity of working with AWS and our clients value on their data.